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On the west coast of the Fijian Island of Viti Levu lies the township of Lautoka and the RUM Co. of Fiji distillery. A company producing rum as a craft, carried out by hand and following time-honored traditions since 1980. Surrounded by fertile soil, an abundance of Pacific-pure artesian water and blessed with the perfect tropical climate for sugarcane to thrive, the Fiji Islands are the ideal place to craft a special kind of rum.

The sugarcane is hand-cut and distilled into rum, then filtered through coconut shell carbon to capture the taste of Fiji. Our BATI Rums rest for 2 years, while our RATU Rums mature for up to 8; the result being a range of internationally award-winning rums with a smooth and balanced style unlike anywhere else in the world. Paradise distilled you might say.

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